• 鳳山大東捷運全新面寬雙併車位電梯豪宅


    ◎臨鳳山鬧區 大東商圈 食衣住行棒 ◎近大東捷運 大東文藝區 人文素養高 ◎面寬6.7米雙併電梯(永大) 適三代同堂 ◎全新未住 衛浴個個開窗 全屋豪華配備

    Property Introduction:

    – Located near the bustling area of Fengshan, Da Dong Shopping District, providing excellent amenities for daily living.
    – Close to Da Dong MRT station and the Da Dong Cultural and Artistic Zone, showcasing high cultural qualities.
    – The property features a 6.7-meter wide facade, with dual elevators (Yung Da), suitable for multi-generational living.
    – Brand new, never been occupied. Every bathroom has windows, and the entire house is equipped with luxurious amenities.

  • 農十六近美術館超低總價雙衛浴開窗美三房


    1.近農十六.美術館.明誠裕成生活圈 2.現況超大三房,可改四房,完美屋況 3.室內近30坪,不含陽台,空間大 4.3個大陽台,雙衛浴開窗 5.格局超棒,地段絕佳,僅此一間 6.龍華國小、明華國中,雙明星學區 7.全棟唯一釋出,一坪不到20萬 8.把握機會,進駐富人區

    Property Introduction:

    1. Located near Nong16, Art Museum, and Ming Cheng Yu Cheng living area.
    2. Currently a very large three-bedroom, convertible to four bedrooms, perfect house condition.
    3. Interior space is nearly 30 square meters, excluding the balcony, spacious.
    4. Three large balconies, double bathrooms with windows.
    5. Excellent layout, superb location, only one available.
    6. Longhua Elementary School, Minghua Junior High School, both in the star-studded school district.
    7. The only unit available in the entire building, less than 20,000 per ping.
    8. Seize the opportunity to move into the affluent area.

  • 輕軌站前*高樓層採光明亮衛浴開窗美兩房


    ◎ 室內空間大1+1房,陽台外推方正好規劃,三面採光 ◎ 一層兩戶住戶單純,梯廳開窗,衛浴開窗 ◎ 屋主自住用心裝修起家厝,換屋割愛稀少釋出 ◎ 輕軌捷運步行即達,周邊生活機能完善 ◎ 低單低總入住藝文商圈,成家自住首選

    Property Introduction:
    ◎ Spacious interior with 1+1 rooms, a balcony that extends square and well-planned, with three-sided natural light.
    ◎ One floor with two simple households, hallway with windows, and bathrooms with windows.
    ◎ The owner lived in and carefully decorated the ancestral home, rare release due to changing houses.
    ◎ Walk to the light rail MRT, complete surrounding living functions.
    ◎ Low floor, low total, ideal for moving into the cultural and commercial district, a preferred choice for settling down and living.

  • 專約龍華國小站前麥當勞稀有2房2衛樓中樓+車位


    ◎✤明星學區七賢國中.中山國小 ◎✤後面即美術館青海商圈衣食採買方便 ◎✤自住投資收租皆可.微整理即擁有高穩定投報 ◎✤樓中樓格局客廳永久棟距高樓層景觀無遮蔽 ◎✤稀有鼓山區6字頭2房廳2衛加B1坡道上層機械車位 ◎✤交通地段優勢臨雙輕軌捷運站龍華國小站+聯合公園站+台鐵美術館車站 ◎✤對面麥當勞.週邊大型三大公園中都濕地公園.美術館森林公園.凹子底公園

    Property Introduction:
    ◎✤ Star-studded school district – Seven Sages Junior High School and Chungshan Elementary School.
    ◎✤ Convenient shopping in the nearby area – Behind is the Art Museum and Qinghai Commercial District.
    ◎✤ Suitable for self-residence or investment with stable returns – Minor adjustments for immediate possession.
    ◎✤ Unique loft layout – Unobstructed views from the high floors with permanent building distance.
    ◎✤ Rare 6-digit address in Gushan District – 2 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms, and B1 sloping mechanical parking space.
    ◎✤ Convenient transportation – Adjacent to the double light rail MRT station, including Longhua Elementary Station, Union Park Station, and Taiwan Railway Art Museum Station.
    ◎✤ McDonald’s opposite – Surrounded by three major parks: Zhongdu Wetland Park, Art Museum Forest Park, and Aozi Di Park.

  • 輕軌義享天地邊間超大四房間間開窗


    ◎鄰近義享天地.好市多.生活周遭便利 ◎精華地段約1分鐘輕軌站.7分鐘R13捷運站 ◎室內空間足夠好規劃.格局方正.稀有釋出 ◎大百貨+商圈+捷運+公園+學區,完整市中心生活圈 北高雄最繁華地 ◎全聯超市 龍華市場 走路即到

    – Close to Yixiang TianDi and Costco, providing convenient living surroundings.
    – Prime location with approximately 1-minute walk to the Light Rail station and 7-minute walk to the R13 MRT station.
    – Spacious indoor area allowing for flexible layout planning, featuring a well-proportioned design and a rare availability.
    – Complete city center living circle with major department stores, business districts, MRT access, parks, and excellent school districts. The most bustling area in North Kaohsiung.
    – Convenient access to amenities such as a Carrefour supermarket and Longhua Market within walking distance.


  • 原生植物園/清新風格/好居大三房

    ◎戶數少,寧靜住家,採光 通風 一級棒
    Close to the Botanical Garden and Lianchitan, convenient for sports and leisure.
    Near the High-Speed Rail and MRT stations, providing convenient transportation.
    Proximity to the High-Speed Rail and Chongde commercial districts, with excellent living functions.
    Few units in the building, providing a quiet living environment; excellent natural light and ventilation.
    Recently renovated with updated plumbing.

  • R15捷運站生態園區歐式裝璜美3房


    ◎位在R15捷運站旁走路3分鐘即可到達 ◎上交流道只需5分鐘交通便利 ◎高檔裝璜,免整理 即可入住 ◎位在三角窗的位置雙面採光 單衛開窗 ◎學校就在旁邊 走路即可到達

    • Located next to the R15 MRT station, just a 3-minute walk away.
    • Easy access to the freeway, only a 5-minute drive to the interchange.
    • High-end decoration, move-in ready without the need for additional arrangements.
    • Positioned with a triangular window for dual-sided natural light, and the bathroom has a window.
    • Schools are conveniently located nearby, within walking distance.
  • 自立二路次高樓層陽台採光邊間套房 黃絲帶


    ◎次高樓層有陽台,採光明亮 ◎鄰近雙捷運,高雄車站在旁 ◎單身貴族或投資收租的首選 ◎寬敞方正格局,空間好規劃 ◎精華地段,四通八達通南北

    – Located on a higher floor with a balcony, providing bright natural light.
    – Close to dual metro lines, with Kaohsiung Station nearby.
    – Ideal for singles or as an investment property for rental income.
    – Spacious and well-planned layout, offering versatility in space usage.
    – In a prime location, well-connected for easy access in all directions.

  • 毛胚屋~愛河之心農16高樓景觀四房三車位豪宅


    ◎採新日鐵制震YKK氣密窗與Low-E玻璃零店面50戶純住家 ◎配備淨軟水系統TOTO免治馬桶KOHLER面盆GROHE龍頭 ◎近愛河之心公園凹子底森林公園近義享天地購物廣場 ◎毛胚屋可規劃雙套房南北向二邊落地門三面景觀視野廣 ◎配三大車位輕軌/捷運站在旁近博愛路主幹道

    – Constructed with seismic-resistant YKK airtight windows and Low-E glass, providing a quiet environment for the 50 residential units.
    – Equipped with a pure soft water system, TOTO automatic flushing toilet, KOHLER basin, and GROHE faucet.
    – Close to the Heart of Love River Park and Aozidi Forest Park, as well as the Yixiang Tiandi Shopping Plaza.
    – The unfinished interior allows for the planning of two independent suites, with wide-ranging views from the floor-to-ceiling doors on both sides, facing north and south.
    – Three large parking spaces are available, and the light rail/metro station is nearby, close to the main road of Boai.

  • 橋頭新市鎮綠景首排邊間3+1房大平車


    ◎位處橋頭新市鎮,臨地方法院、地檢署等行政區,街廓舒適整齊 ◎擁有捷運紅線、台17、台1線、國道一號等交通便利優勢 ◎室內寬闊明亮,動線優異,空間配置得宜不浪費 ◎窗景如詩如畫,在家輕鬆享有美景好心情 ◎B1大平車再配置雙機車位,停車真真便利

    – Located in the Qiaotou New Town, adjacent to administrative areas such as the District Court and the Prosecutor’s Office, featuring a comfortable and well-organized street layout.
    – Enjoy the convenience of transportation with access to the Red Metro Line, Taiwan Route 17, Taiwan Route 1, and National Highway No. 1.
    – The interior is spacious, bright, and efficiently designed to make the most of the space without waste.
    – The window views are picturesque, providing a serene and pleasant atmosphere at home.
    – Includes a large B1 flat parking space and two motorcycle parking spaces, offering true convenience for parking.

  • 高鐵難得釋出免千萬全新整理三房平車


    ◎位於高鐵特區.近新光三越.榮總 ◎明星學區.家長成家首選 ◎免千萬即可入手此地段三房平車物件 ◎全新整理.全屋電線更新 ◎附1F平面車位

    – Located in the High-Speed Rail special zone, near Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Rongjun General Hospital.
    – In a renowned school district, a top choice for parents looking to settle down.
    – An opportunity to own a three-bedroom flat in this prime location without spending millions.
    – Recently renovated, with all-new electrical wiring throughout the entire house.
    – Comes with a ground-floor flat parking space.

  • R9中央公園頂級奢華景觀四房二平面車位


    人生勝利組頂樓視野 空中花園豪邸質感更上層樓 二平面車位,車多不怕沒得停 一層兩戶不閒雜 位於新崛江商圈,近中央公園捷運

    有 2 間可一齊買

    • Top-floor panoramic view for a victorious life.
    • Luxurious residence with a sky garden, elevating the quality of living.
    • Two flat parking spaces, providing ample parking for multiple vehicles.
    • Each floor accommodates only two units, ensuring a serene and uncluttered environment.
    • Located in the emerging New Jhongjiang business district, near the Central Park MRT station.
    • Two units are available for purchase together.

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